ABOUT the jazz age experience


Enter a
1930s New York

Dress to the nines. Step inside The 58th Street Country Club, Manhattan’s legendary Super-Speakeasy and home to infamous Jazz Age hostess Ms. Belle Livingstone. A stunning immersive world by master makers The Lost Estate, built by designers Darling & Edge.


lose yourself in
jazz, dance, and feasting

Three incredible hours of hot live jazz from the 58th Street Stompers, wild dancing, and a 3-course Manhattan Island menu, served while you watch. Food designed by star chef Ashley Clarke (Exec Chef, Gordon Ramsay Group).


experience an
all-star cast

An award-winning cast of dancers and musicians from just feet away, starring the incomparable Suanne Braun as Ms. Belle  Livingstone, Ayesha Pike as songstress Ms. Valaida Snow, and Rory Simmons, as your bandleader.

What was the 58th Street Country Club?

New York’s most exclusive salon is Belle Livingstone’s. A ritzy rendevous for liquoratis. A Park Avenue Mecca.


September 1st, 1930


SOMEWHERE IN MANHATTAN, a plan IS hatched to open the greatest nightclub of the jazz age.

The club is the brainchild of infamous New York socialite, Ms. Belle Livingstone, a former showgirl, jade entrepreneur, global explorer, and now Speakeasy Queen. One journalist called her “the most dangerous woman in Europe”. 

Identities are forged, shell corporations set up. The Grand Opening arrives. For a few, glittering hours, The 58th St. Country Club is a bourbon-fuelled mecca of Jazz, a playground for Hollywood Queens and Harlem Kings.

Then, at 12am on opening night, the club is raided and never opened again. It is lost to time.


March 7th, 2023


Somewhere in west London, a door to the original 58th Street Country Club has opened.

The legend, lost for a Century, is back and you are its Guest Of Honour.

A one-night-only whirlwind of Park Avenue feasting and Harlem moonshine, red hot jazz and wild dancing awaits.

But who knows how long it will last? After all, the Feds are coming, they always are. And the red pyjamas are ready. Everyone needs an escape, eventually…

Unleash Your Dreams. Embrace Desire. Give Us Your Wildest Self.

Do not fail us.

Discover London’s secret Jazz Age experience: