The Experience

New York’s most exclusive salon is Belle Livingstone’s. A ritzy rendevous for liquoratis. A Park Avenue Mecca.

New York Daily News, april 1930.

welcome to 1930s new york.

IN THE last DAYS OF PROHIBITION, a plan is hatched to build the greatest nightclub of the jazz age.

For a few, glittering hours, The 58th St. Country Club is a bourbon-fuelled Mecca of Jazz, a playground for Hollywood Queens, Harlem Kings, and Park Avenue Tycoons.

Then, at 12am on opening night, the club is raided, never to open again.

Until now…

IN MARCH 2023, THE LOST ESTATE INVITES YOU TO relive THis outrageous true story.

Dress to the nines. Take up your invitation to the Grand Opening of Belle Livingstone’s 58th Street Country Club. And lose yourself in a night of wild Jazz and Desire.

Featuring lavish Manhattan feasting from chef Ashley Clarke, red-hot music from an all-star band led by Rory Simmons, and starring Suanne Braun as Ms. Belle Livingstone, herself.

Opens March 2023, Central London.

about The 58th street country club

Somewhere in London, The Lost Estate has opened a door to the original 58th Street Country Club.

The legend, lost for a Century, has returned, ready for you to explore.

For now, the taps to Belle’s Soda Fountain are on and the spirits of old, led by Belle herself, are in residence.

But who knows how long it will remain? After all, the Feds are coming, they always are. And the red pajamas are ready. Because everyone needs an escape, eventually…

Unleash Your Dreams, then. Embrace Desire. Give Us Your Wildest Self.

Do not fail us.